Salvatore ADAMO 


A passion for music and an emotion-tinged vocal quality has made Salvatore Adamo one of the most commercially successful singers-composer in Europe, Canada, Latin America, Russian and Japan, and one of the most famous Italian immigrants living in Belgium.  Since his debut album:   ADAMO '63/'64   -  whit: " Tombe la neige "  and  " Vous Permettez, Monsieur? "  transformed him into an internationally-known celebrity. Adamo has sold over 100 million copies of recordings worldwide. From 1964 to early '70 it was one of the few musician who competed handspan to handspan with the Beatles, in « 1966 » becomes the number one singer in the sale of discs. On January 12th '65, he triumphed at Olympia as top of the bill artist, before returning in September for a one month stay at the famous Parisian music hall.


Adamo, who emigrated to Belgium with his parents at the age of three, was raised in Jemappes and later moved to Brussels. A bright student Adamo was able to avoid the coal mining industry that lured many Italian immigrants to Belgium and concentrate on his academic and musical studies. Adamo's early influences were the poetry of Victor Hugo and Jacques Prévert, French crooners music Georges Brassens and  Charles Aznavour, by Neapolitan songs and Everly Brothers, Sam Cooke, Adam Faith ...


Salvatore Adamo [1984] had heart problems which necessitated a heart bypass operation and a temporary though total withdrawal from work. Since 1993, he is a honorary « unicef » ambassador from Belgium and, in this capacity, has visited countries such as Afghanistan, Bosnia, Vietnam and others. ADAMO and state decorate with: "Cross of l'Order of the Crown of Belgium" and named "Chevalier" by Albert II, King of the Belgians ... - In France decorate as: "Officer of the Légion d'honneur", he was also awarded with the "Grand Prix International de Poésie Francophone"... - In Italy and was appointed: "Commendatore dell'Ordine della Stella d'Italia". - In Japan it has received: "The Order of the Rising Sun".


Adamo songwriter, musician, writer, « poet » and equipped of a detail magic, than it renders craftsman of songs that space the most various musical kinds, these thanks to its ductility and talent. Adamo's material was not exclusively romantic. When the Six Day War between Israel and Egypt broke out in 1967, he wrote a song about it "Inch'Allah". Often during his career, he wrote on sometimes controversial subjects [the Soviet Union, Spain under Franco, Lebanon, Bosnia, etc.]. He has even had the privilege of singing several times at Carnegie Hall in New York. Adamo has performed in more than fifty countries around the world.

Salvatore Adamo is one of the greater stars in the musical world in French language. Adamo reached his commercial peak, placing a numbre of songs at the top of the music charts: "Sans Toi, Ma Mie", "Tombe la neige", "Vous permetter Monsieur?", "Viens ma brune", "En blue jeans et blouson d’cuir", "Quand les roses", "Car je veux", "Dolce Paola", "Les filles du bord de mer", "Elle etait belle pourtant", "Le barbu sans barbe", "La nuit", "En bandoulière", "Ton nom", "Comme toujours", "Mes mains sur tes hanches", "Elle", "J'aime", "Une meche de cheveux", « inch'allah », "Notre roman", "Accroche une larme aux nuages", "Pauvre Verlaine", "L'amour te ressemble", "F comme femme", "A demain sur la lune", "Le ruisseau de mon enfance", "Petit bonheur", "Et Après", "Va Mon Bateau", "J'avais oublié que les roses sont roses", "C'est ma vie", "Manuel", "Si tu etais", "Tout le long du mekong - À des enfants soldats", "Vladimir" (dedicated to Vladimir Vysotsky), "Marie la mer", "Quand la liberté s'envole", "Je te dois", "Ma liberté, mon infidèle", "Plus tard", "Collines de Rabiah", "Plus fort que le temps", "Mourir dans tes bras", "Maintenant ou jamais", « de lautre cote du pont », "Ceux qui s'aiment", "Laissez rèver les enfants", "La vie comme elle passe" (with Toots Thielemans), "Jours de lumière", « enfants », "Sortir de l'ordinaire", "Le monde a mal", "J'te lâche plus", "Zanzibar", "Ce George", "Au Cafè Du Temps Perdu", "T'aimer quelque part", "Je vous parle d'un ami", "Alan et la pomme" (dedicated to Alan Turing), "Golden Years", "Lola & Bruno", "Chantez", "Juste un Je t'aime", "Si vous saviez"... [ The copy and paste without indicating the source and always a dishonest act ! ]

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